Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Found- July 21

We are taking a trip back east for 10 days early next week, so we didn't plan to go to that many sales.   We are already sitting on too much inventory that I'm waiting to list once we get back, so I really shouldn't have gone out today.  But I did, and brought home a few treasures to add to the queue.   These are the things I found.

I love this Blendo Glass set.  I spent more than I should, but man oh man if that orange isn't fantastic!

Orange Blendo Pitcher and Glasses

One of the better aspects of getting up at an early hour on the weekends is that my husband is gleefully right by my side, ready to go.  He loves searching out the vinyl at sales while I'm scouring for what I look for, and he usually comes home with a few gems.  These records are his, but that fantastic mid-century LP rack is all mine.

A few pieces of Mexican pottery.  A fun Stoneware decanter and and Tonala bird.

I love this! I don't have a clue what you would properly call it, so I'm sticking with a squat pitcher.

This was my favorite favorite favorite find of today.  It is a Mexican Folk Art Tree of Life. Look closely and you will see Eve tempting Adam with an apple and the snake wrapping itself around the tree.  It is so bright and colorful and I am going to work overtime to find it a home in my house- much to the dismay of my husband.

A beautifully crewel embroidered tablecloth.  The stitching on it is flawless, but there are a few minor age stains I'll need to work on and try to lift out.   Any suggestions on spot stain removal for old linens?

So that's it!  How'd you do this week?

Love learning about what others "find?"
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh Hey! (wood Wakefield)

And the other things I found (July 14th edition)

I might have mentioned something in my last post along the lines of bring home less...I also might have forgotten that I had mentioned that.   Summer sales are in full swing and the plethora of sales means less competition to find that hidden treasure.   The sale I had the best luck at I arrived 2 hours after the posted start time!

This particular one peaked my interest because it was that of a retired electrician.  I was hoping to restock my supply of wood and metal boxes- and I did.

A few other surprises were waiting for me after I piled up all my boxes.  My husband and I kept walking over to this table.  He really loved it and I was on the fence, not sure about the mass appeal of ducks.   The owner came by and told me about how, as a child he remembered helping his parents make the table in the 50s and his job was to smash all the tiles.  Sold.  Sometimes it just takes those little personal details to make a good item feel extra special.

Next to the table was a folded up wood chair- I loved the age and character is had, but need another chair like I need a hole in my head.  Old habits die hard, so I gave the chair a quick flip and that's when I saw the tag on the back.

Heywood Wakefield folding chair- tag reads C5 795 - Walnut
Truth be told this Heywood Wakefield folding chair has seen better days, but for $3.00 I couldn't leave it behind.  I have not spent too much time looking up the origins, I'd love to hear your opinions if you have them.

But wait- that's not all.  I also picked up a ton of smalls.  I might have screamed "STOP THE CAR!" when I saw the globe at a yard sale we were driving right by.  It's made of metal- I do not apologize.

Call me crazy, but this might be my favorite find of the day.  A large square black ashtray with a horse head in the middle.  It is beautiful!

Or this relish? set marked Brock of California.

It's complete with the original wood lazy susan.

Love learning about what others "find?"
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back on the Horse: What I found, July 7th

After taking a few weeks off to get a handle on some excess inventory, it was time to get back on the horse and visit a few sales this weekend.  I am trying trying trying to go for quality over quantity moving forward.  That sounds simple enough but is hard for me, as I tend to grab large piles to get large discounts.  These are the things I brought home.

I found 2 Red phones- from 2 different sales.   
Red Rotary Telephone
Red Princess Telephone

This large yellow Descoware pot makes me want to learn how to make soup!
Large- either 5 quart or 6 quart Descoware. 

 I will never not buy a globe- especially if it lights up and has an awesome plastic stand!
1980 Scan-globe

I love the color of this canister!
It's marked on the bottom USA and with another mark I can't identify.  

So there you have it.  Instead of bringing home a carload, I just grabbed a few things.   In an effort to beat the summer sales slump and get some of the older goods moved out both shops are on sale for the entire month of July.  See the details, HERE.

Love learning about what others "find?"
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christmas in July

Every July 100's, no 1000's of Etsy sellers participate in a little something called Christmas in July.  It's not an original idea to Etsy, but a fun promotional opportunity none the less. I will be running sales in both of my shops are on sale for the entire month of July!  Save 15% on anything. 

AVintageMan  - no coupon needed, discount on all items already applied.

NellsVintageHouse - use coupon code CIJ15 at checkout to save 15%.

Check out this linky party HERE, to see lots of other great Etsy Shops participating in Christmas in July. So many great deals to be had!

Do you have an Etsy shop participating in Christmas in July this year?   
If so, leave a comment with you coupon code :)