Wednesday, November 20, 2013

San Diego Vintage Flea Market

Last Sunday I had the honor of participating in the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  The market is hosted 3 times a year and is amazing.  Seriously, if you live in San Diego and you love vintage/mid century/industrial you must go.

I was able to unload so many amazing items I'd been hoarding but weary of listing online because I didn't want to deal with shipping.   We more than covered our entry fee, start-up costs (pop-up tent and tables), lunch and had much left over to pick up a few treasures I was eying from my booth.   Sadly I have no pictures to show of our booth but feast your eyes on the two paintings I picked up.

It turns out I collect nudes now.  This is my 4th nude painting, 6th if you include 2 I've sold in the past.

You'll get a slightly better idea if the size in this picture, it's a statement piece for sure. The frame is separating from the canvas a little along the top which should be an easy enough fix.

And then there is the painting of the rooster.  There is a really raunchy pun in here somewhere...but I'll leave that alone for now.  I love so much about this rooster.  Mainly the bright colors and the thick textured paint.  

I can't wait to get these guys hung up.  I've found a great place in our living room for the nude.  I don't know if its frowned upon to have so much nude (this chic is large and in charge!) greeting visitors as they first enter our home.  What do you think??

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  1. Both gorgeous finds. Yes, do hang the nudes in the entryway to keep the prudes away ;) I kid. So awesome you guys did well at the flea, there's too much of a junk culture here in the South East to do well at that type of thing. People want everything as cheap as possible, I do much better selling online than locally. May travel down south to a Miami sale that's supposed to do amazingly well for kitschy item sellers :)