Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I Found: Dec. 8th

Half of doing well at a pick is timing.   This week I had very good timing.   Below are just a few of the items I picked up from one sale Friday morning.

Some of the artwork I might be keeping so I'm trying it on for size.  Our weather has been cold and rainy most of the weekend so everything is still hanging out in the garage... I tried to style them a little for you, but well for the most part my photos this week are crap and I can't figure out the lighting in the house either.   One day. 

I don't think this photo captures how very big this abstract oil painting is.   Neither me or my husband could fit it in our cars. He ended up walking it home about 1 mile.  Thank goodness this sale was in our neighborhood and that they lived at the top of the hill, and us at the bottom.   He's a good man.

This is an original serigraph by Victor Vasarely - considered to be the leader of the Op-Art movement. Unfortunately there is a little water damage to the lower right corner which has caused the paper to wave a little.  There is also a small puncture in the center of the piece.   Im going to guess these 2 flaws destroy any value it once held. 

I love the shape of this mid century chair and it's found a nice home for now in the boys room.

Our newest Eames style lounge chair.  We've already got a brown one in the living room and a camel colored one you'll see poking out a few photos down.  Time to make some decisions and let one or two go.

My vintage luggage hoard continues.   Luckily I found this cheerful Steelcase swivel chair so i'll be able to fill a room with all the luggage and spin around to my hearts content.  I also picked up that square mid century table holding the luggage.  It is teak and much nicer than the above photo implies.

This is where I just got lazy.   What I am trying to show you is the beautiful and very long Lane Coffee table full of all the smalls I picked up, including some more pieces of the Midwinter Sun plate set.   There are also a few more pieces of art behind the Vasarely that you can't see.  Oh and a white feather Christmas tree, but that is already inside by the fireplace.  

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  1. Love your teak pieces and the Midwinter Sun. (I have lots of that pattern, too!)
    And, goodness gracious, it does sound like you've got a good man.

  2. Aaah the chairs! All amazing scores!

  3. You got some wonderful pieces. That painting your husband walked home is great, and the Eames chair looks really comfy. Your home is so lovely, you do a great job with all your finds. Thanks so much for sharing this at We Call It Olde - Dawn @ We Call It

  4. What a score! I love the mid century chair:)