Monday, December 19, 2011

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

When I showed my husband my new blog, he asked if he could contribute a post every now and again. YES! I wasn't expecting him to get me something so quick. So here it is, my first guest post!

Somewhere deep inside Nell's Vintage House there is a small space that I like to call Eric's Vintage Corner. It takes up about 40 sq. ft. and is a great place to lie down, listen to music and/or read. It is a good, but not great, place to play guitar. It is an ok place to hide and it is a bad place for dancing.

I asked Janell if I could occasionally contribute to the blog; it seemed like it would be something I'd enjoy. I figure that the only great way to contribute to the bog would be one piece of the stuff at a time. That should last me a while, since there is a surprising amount of awesome vintage stuff in E's VC for a heterosexual male.

I enjoy the acquisition of stuff as much as I enjoy displaying and using said stuff. Estate sales, yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores, etc... I can't get enough of them. When a bunch of cool stuff comes home I am sometimes able to sneak an item out of the pile, clean it quickly and give it a home before the boss sees it's gone. It is my thinking that if I can give an item a good home and prove that my possession of it will contribute to me being more organized that my keeping it will be justified and Nell won't enact the 'dibs' clause. So I've built a pretty cool corner out here*. Sure, I share it with the vacuum cleaner and some other stuff that just isn't mine, but it's still a great spot.

There are a bunch of cool pieces waiting for their time in the sun, but for now, I dedicate this, my first guest post to the yelllowish metal shelves that Nell won't know I'm keeping until she reads this.

These I yoinked from the pile today, quickly cleaned and put on top of one of my stereo speakers to serve as the new home for cassettes and cd's and whatever else might follow me home from your yard sale. This thing really rounded out the vintage corner; much like Jeff Lebowski's rug tied the entire room together, this ties the stereo section to the lamp and draws a more defined corner to what is now clearly a man's space and what is the rest of this room.

I'd call these vintage industrial. The drawers are perfect for storing tapes and cd's and are also another perfect flat surface for one of many globes you'd find around here. There are these bookend clamps inside the drawers adjust so nothing has to sit around loose in there. I'm also looking forward to thinking of some clever label for the little metal label windows on the faces of the drawers. Cleaning the shelves was just one step above easy.They arrived in my possession with some sort of combination of dust and food remnant streaked across it. If you can do a good job cleaning something you found it is nice to enjoy seeing what it was before someone mistook if for junk and gave it to me for $1. Or gave to Janell that is.

So there you have it; my new metal drawers. I hope you enjoyed that. And yes, those are dolls in the picture, Nell's Vintage House sometimes has dibs on small pockets of empty space that exist within EVC; the dolls are not mine.

*E's VC is actually a small spot in our refinished garage that started out as his man cave but quickly became my office and storage for the store. What a great guy for sharing his space with me!


  1. This guy knows what he's talking about!

  2. Such good humor--you two sound like you have fun together! I very much like the oh so industrial drawers. I hope Nell lets you keep them.

  3. Ha. Thanks Jen :) He knows me well...if he tells me that it will help keep him and his stuff organized I would let me him keep just about anything.

  4. Great job on your first blog entry, Eric. I really enjoyed your take on vintage. My guy has also warmed up a bit to my vintage/junk that has been filling our house. He has even been squirreling away some his own treasures into his room, too. I'm so grateful he likes it because it make my life more pleasant. Now if I could only get HIM to do a guest blog for me!

  5. Nice to have a male point of view, and I can tell my husband he isn't the only one who enjoys vintage!

  6. Hi Eric, Nice post! You are an excellent guest blogger. Maybe someday I can get my hubby to do a guest blog. I know he shares your story of me taking over what little man space he has with my thrifting finds!
    Janell...I found your blog through True Finds and I found True Finds via Late Night Coffee. I too sell on etsy and have your store in my Favorites! So, it was nice to stumble upon your new blog. I am a new Etsian (ebay too but not for vintage) and blogger (September) and have really enjoyed these new experiences.
    Now following!