Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

These were the Christmas records I meant to put on Etsy.  They were safely piled away together, so I wouldn't forget to add them to my shop, just after Thanksgiving. Except I forgot... we just found the pile today.  Luckily, my husband got a record player last year for Christmas so we've been getting some good use of these today and will for the next few days.  :)   The Ventures Christmas Album is incredible!

There is also a Pearl Jam Christmas Single in there, but that is my husbands and will probably never be for sale.    

Check back in tomorrow, I've got a wild hair in me and think I am going to mark the entire store 50% off for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   There are a lot of items I am a bit sick of looking at :)


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  1. I do the same thing! pile it for a certain time of the year and i'll be darned if i only sometimes remember! gah! I've actually started taking photos of them and storing the photos in a certain folder that i check every so often so then they are ready when that time of year comes.

  2. Found your blog from Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday. I'm following, hope you follow back.