Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Recap

 February turned out to be pretty A-Okay for me and my Etsy Shop.  I took part in a listing challenge over at Apron Thrift Girl, which helped motivate me to list, list, list.   I feel good about the amount I listed, which on most days was 2 or 3 new items, and had some pretty great things happen along the way, including exceeding my Etsy revenue goal by $14.00  (THANK YOU LEAP DAY!)

New Etsy Items:  Lets just say 70
Because I didn't keep track and I don't want to go count
Eva Zeisel Creamer for Hallcraft
New Ebay Items: 4
Some things I picked up seemed like they might fare better on the bay so I took a shot and it payed off.
1980s NOS Nike Shoes with Velcro
Total Etsy Sales: 27

Valve Knobs- there is a buyer for everything!
Biggest Heartbreak:  My first (and hopefully last!) item breakage.
I'm not ready to talk about it yet.

Best Surprises:  In one week I had one item make a front page treasury and another show up in the Etsy Finds email (Etsy send out an email everyday of some of their favorite finds)  Both of these brought in tons of views and even a few sales.
Featured Etsy Find email item.  Yay!
And finally, I started a new Etsy Shop.  One for men.   I haven't done much with it, other than list a few things to get me started and am hoping in March to really vamp it up and get a few sales over there :)
Check it out if you have a second,  A Vintage Man.
Labyrinth Maze Game
How was your February? Any Highlights? 


  1. I love your new shop and congrats on your sales!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to build on the momentum of February and list everyday.

  2. Ditto on the shop and sales! I also added your blog to my blog list ~ love to hear what other Etsians are experiencing in their shops. Mine is at

  3. Hi I just found your blog on the Thrift Core blog, I am your newest follower! I, too, broke something for this first time this month as I was packing it for shipment. I was so lucky to have a very understanding (and hilarious) buyer! My boyfriend asked me about it, and I was the same way, I just told him I didn't want to talk about it!

  4. wow, you are going gang-busters with all the listing...good for you! i have heard the magic number for the amount of items in your store is at least 100 and you have exceeded that! great job. gave me some inspiration to work towards that 100 pieces.

    1. Who knows what the magic number is :) That being said I noticed a very positive increase in views and orders as my items neared 100. I mean the more items you have, the more items you have for people to search for, right? Good luck on your listing!

  5. hello...visiting from the vestiesteam :)
    here's to more good months...and no more bad breaks!
    100 items...hmmm...i have a lot of work to do!

  6. That Zeisel creamer is wonderful! I don't think I could let it go - but creamers are my weakness!

  7. hi had to stop in and check out your blog.
    ohhhhh that gorgeous horse. very sad indeed.