Monday, March 12, 2012

What I found - March 12th

I wasn't planning on going out to sales this past weekend, but I guess I've got the Craigslist bug, and HAVE to check, just to make sure.  We'll it turns out there was a sale going on two blocks down the street and it was starting in 15 minutes.  And you know I went and I AM SO GLAD I DID.   :)

I really need to start taking pictures of the "pile" when I get home, but I didn't so you'll just have to see a few of the items I've got around to cleaning up and photographing.

He-Man Lunch Bag- 23 of them :)
I added these awesome paper bags to my man store, AVintageMan.  Someone is going to LOVE them!

1940s Planter

Enamel Tea Pot
I love the orange enamel above.  Its sure to make one awesome unique vase!

1950s California Art Pottery

Unmarked Roseville Pottery - in Laurel Pattern from 1934
So that beauty above was unmarked, but I later found out (after I sold it approx 2 minutes after I listed it...) That it is an early unmarked piece of Roseville from their Laurel line and dates to the 1930s.

Yes, those are bicycles on that tie :)
That tie is also going to end up in the Man Store and Everything else has been added to the my Etsy Shop, NellsVintageHouse.  I've got lots more to sort through from this sale, so I best be going.

Hope you all found some great things I can't wait to see what you got!
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  1. That Roseville piece is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your comment on my blog.

  2. Holy He-Man Batman! I LOVELOVELOVE those He-Man bags. I couldn't bring myself to use them if i bought them though. :S

    and the TIERE (<-- tire and tie combined) is AWESOME!

  3. I love your man store finds this week! The he-man bags and the bicycle tie are both awesome!

  4. My two sons loved He man! I bet they would love the nostalgia of the bags! My favourite is the orange teapot.

  5. All your finds this week are very cool, but I'm totally swooning over the planter and the Roseville vase. Beautiful!