Monday, May 7, 2012

Swap Meet Finds- May 6th

So I sort of fell off the blogging map for a few (many!) weeks.   Life got busy, including a 3 week honeymoon out of town and just about everything took a back seat.

We just got back in town last week and on Sunday I went to my very first swap meet.  I arrived late and was a bit unprepared for the day.  I have yet to dig out my good negotiator hat and excellent vintage spotting goggles so the jury is still out on how I really feel about swap meets.  These are the things I found.

Vintage Purple Dinosaur 
Ceramic donkey with a cart- but NOT a planter.   
1950s Sunset Books on Growing Roses and Pruning
A VERY heavy Paymaster Checkwriter, Series 400 
Old Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Items
The Check Writer and Dinosaur have already found a temporary home in my VintageMan Shop  and the other items will be added to NellsVintageHouse soon.

Do you frequent Swap meets?  Care to offer any tips?

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  1. Welcome back! I love the girl scout apropos as I think Girl Scouts of America is celebrating their 100th anniversary right now.