Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I found, May 27th

Happy Memorial Weekend.  Is it just me, or does it feel like it's not time for Memorial Day yet? I managed to find a few yard sales and a visit a thrift this weekend.  I found a few fun items as well. :)

I'm half tempted to keep the Lite Brite.  If I was to ever start doing flea or vintage markets, it would make one cool sign!

1960's Lite-Brite available in AVintageMan
I love these small wooden dolls.  They remind me of Japanese Kokeshi dolls, but I just can't commit to that.  The heads don't seem oversized enough.  Do you have any idea?
Japanese Wood Dolls, available in NellsVintageHouse

Mexican Bird Art with Real Feathers, available in Nells Vintage House
 I found a large box of spice, tobacco and medicinal tins over the weekend.  Through preliminary research they all date between the early 1900's and 1950s.    I am going to create groupings up and try to make a few quick sales out of them that way.   I think they would make great office or art supply storage, dont you?
Collection of Vintage Tobacco Tins, available in A Vintage Man
At another yard sale I found the most darling stack of Yearbooks.  1959, 1962 and 1970.  Oh have the times have changed!  I'll be holding on to these for a few weeks, they are just too fun to flip through.  The autograph inscriptions found within are amazing.  In fact, I'll put together a blog post soon with a few of my favorites.  The lovely lady who these belonged to sure was boy crazy.
1962 San Diego Year Book
Did you make it out to anything this weekend?  What'd ya get?
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  1. Lite Brite! Oh, the memories... :) Love it. I also really love the bird artwork. Nice finds!

    1. The Lite Brite is so much fun! Me and the husband can't stop playing with it :)

  2. Love the Japanese wooden dolls and the tin are so fun. Linking to you via ATG .

  3. I just threw away my son's lite bright I caught him burning paper on the light bulb. A little dangerous don't you think?

  4. OMG Lite Bright! That is on my thrifting list. I am dying to find one. Did you keep it? I have such wonderful childhood memories of it.

    1. We just sold it- it's on it's way to the east coast as we speak. I must admit, I had a major twang of regret when I saw the order come in. C'est la Vie, I suppose.