Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mystery Solved

Bowls, go figure.

I received a few tips to check out the Keer Glass Foundry (Thank you!) I couldn't find much on their website that matched up to what I had, so I shot over a quick email asking for more information.

Their reply:
"These are in fact Keer glass bowls from circa 1990. At that time the company was called Keer Design. We had products for only a short period and then focused on custom fabrication projects. As it turns out we are planning to develop a line of residential lighting and we are thinking of using the bowl shape in the pictures you sent for lighting. So please keep an eye out for our new products."

And if your still feeling a little sleuthy, care to help me identify this beauty.   She stand about 9 inches tall, the glass is thick and heavy and it sits on 3 feet.  It's easy to think this might be a vase, but the opening is so wouldn't be able to fit much.   Any ideas?


  1. Cool about the bowls!

    The shape is lovely, reminds me of a beehive. A vessel for holding a liquid dispensed out of a tube? A bug catcher? Interesting tell if you find out!

  2. Interesting post! If there is a hole in the bottom, I do believe it is a fly catcher. If not it may be a wood bee would have had a wooden "topper" with holes in it so the bees (which look like bumble bees) would go in and not be able to get out.

    1. No hole on the bottom. So then maybe a bee catcher? Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh, the footed thang is beautiful. I'd guess a vase, too. Wouldn't have guessed bowls on the top ones. Unique designs on those 'uns!

  4. Hi from The Passionate Flea, another Etsy shop! I found your blog from the Vintage Lovers team and am now your newest follower. You can visit me here:

    I have no idea what the pretty glass jar is, but it reminds me of a bee hive. Does it hold honey?

  5. I saw these on Storage Wars! They were used to trap some kind of bugs