Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Recap

January was a ho-hum month.  I got out of my shop just about as much as I put in...so not that much.  Go Figure.  There is a lot of room for great positive changes both here on the blog and in the Etsy shop and holding myself accountable will help me get to the end result.  SALES.

Join me at the end of each month as I recap some of the highlights, lowlights and numbers. Shall we start :)

Etsy SALES for January: 17
This item was one of my first shop listings and I was thrilled to see it finally move on. 

NEW items LISTED on Etsy in January: 29
One of my favorite listings this month. 
Dorothy Thorpe 3 piece Bowl Set

Quickest Flip:
These glasses sold the same day I listed them.  I LOVE vintage frames
American Optics Smokey Gray Frames

 Best Sure Thing: Wood Hangers 
I sold 2 sets of these this month
Wooden Clamp Hangers

Gravitational Rut: Mugs
I couldn't stop finding cool mugs this month.  Too bad none of them have sold. :(
Heart Mug

My biggest take-away for January was:  When I list I sell.  Most of my sales came on the heels of me going on a listing spree.  With that said, I've got big plans for the next month.   Apron Thrift Girl has announced a Resellers Listing Challenge for February.  Come back tomorrow to learn more about that and what my goal for February will be.  

How was your January?  
Did you list as much as you wanted?  Did your shop take off for 2012 or go into hibernation?


  1. This recap is a good idea. I should do something like that.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it is interesting to see what others find, right?
    Your number of sales is not bad, or so I think. It is my first January as a reseller and I'm surprised that I sell anything at all!

  2. Man, I need one of those match-o-matics. That is sweet!