Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Days You're the Wind Shield

Today I am the bug.

I don't know about you but I've had a hard time getting back into the estate sale Friday shopping groove since the holidays.  I've been getting a little lazy and heading out on Saturday or even Sunday.  The horror!

Yesterday as I was driving home I saw the ever promising big yellow sign and stopped.  The house looked a bit familiar and I'm almost 97% positive I was at a sale here last summer, but well..I had already stopped.  The sale was a bust, but gave me the kick I needed, so as soon as I got home I put my planning glasses on and created my Friday POA.  So. Many. Sales.   This was going to be great!

But it wasn't.

Sale #1.  Start time 7 AM:   I had been here before, over the summer.   The items were all the same, and so were the high prices. :(

Sale #2.  Start time 8 AM (but in the CL post they announced early birds were welcome) :  I totally thought this would be a family run sale, because of the wording of the post and I was dead wrong.  It was an estate sale company that I have come across in the past and they ALWAYS charge an arm and a leg for items.  "this is what they sell for on Ebay, but here you get to save on shipping"  UGG.   I mean, were talking a chipped Pyrex bowl for $10.00

Sale #3.  Right around the corner from sale #2!  But can you believe it, a REPEAT house also.  I had also been here last summer.  It was 2 gentlemen who used to own an antique store that didn't survive.  The worst part, is they totally worded the ad, hoping to up their numbers.  "Huge Yard Sale, 2 generations cleaning out the house, ready to move on..."  Boo!

Sale #4.  Claimed to be an estate sale, but was really just a pop-up tent in someones driveway selling lots of men's clothing.

Sale #5.   The furthest away and the one I was most excited about.  The ad phrased it as "We have a 6 acre farm property and house that is being foreclosed on...Everything MUST GO"  It was a beautiful drive and an amazing piece of land, but when I got there (only 6 minutes past the declared start of the sale") there was one clothing rack on the driveway, one box of shoes and a row of tools.  I asked if the house was open or if there was anywhere else to dig around, and the gentleman running the sale said nope.  Just whats out on the driveway.  :(

So that's my day.  No big scores just lots of driving.   And apparently a good amount of complaining on my end as well- sorry about that.  Some days those are just the breaks.  

I'll give it another go tomorrow, after all: If you don't play, you can't win.  


  1. gawd, what a bust! people wonder why they dont sell a lot at their garage sales, the prices! i am a reseller too, and when i have a g-sale, the stuff i am getting rid of are the kind of things i dont want to bother with listing, so dirt cheap. otherwise its going to the goodwill.
    and be truthful in your craigslist ad! i don't want to drive all over heck for your 2 tables of junk! *i am venting with you* :)

  2. Solidarity! :) I'm totally the same way when I have a yard sale...TAKE IT! I'm getting rid of it, cause I don't want it.

  3. I had one good find at the last sale I went to today. Made it all worth it!

  4. Yikes! Certainly had those days. Unfortunately where I live now sales are few and far between and most are duds. Can't wait to move back to Texas.