Monday, January 23, 2012

Where to sell?

I used to have a shopping problem.  Even Anthropologie shopping problem.  I was addicted to Tuesday, the day new markdowns took place.  It didn't help that there was one minutes from my office.  And every Tuesday you could bet your bottom that I was in that sale room grabbing anything in my size.

And then I quit my full time job.

Faced with a really incredible wardrobe, but a lifestyle that didn't warrant it anymore It was time to make some tough decisions.   And thus began my relationship with Ebay.  I begrudgingly posted most of my wears that just weren't practical anymore.  It worked!  Offers came in, clothing went out.   But it wasn't long before my need to shop got refocused on yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores.  I mean we had to furnish our new old house, and this was a great way to do it with style and save money;)  Except our house is just over 600 square feet and one good day of sales will fill her up. 

Dear hubby suggested it was perhaps time to move some of the items that we were finding before I needed a hoarders intervention.  Hello Etsy!   Today about 90% of what I sell now, goes on Etsy.

Lately I have been drawn to heavier, larger items.  You know, those items that you look at and think "how in the heck am I going to ship this?"  Of course I still get them - act now, think later.  This is where Craigslist has been a champion.   Oh dear readers, there is a point to all of this, I promise.   We are almost there.

Last weekend I came across 2 (incomplete) great plate sets.  I knew they would be a PITA to sell, but the price was right so I grabbed them.   Since we are being honest, I haven't had a ton of luck selling dinner ware on Etsy, so now I'm not confident on where to sell these.  (already asked, and hubby says we don't have room to keep them)
Royal Ironstone China: Blue Heaven
Franciscan Earthenware: Hacienda Green
My question to you: Where would you sell these?
Option A- Put the entire set of each up on Craiglist and see if they move
Option B- break up the set and piece them out (individually or pairs) on Ebay
Option C- break up the set and piece them out (individually or pairs) on Etsy

Option A could get these out the door quicker, but I think I would have to price them pretty low to get them to move.  our B and C options seem good, but there will be a lot of inventory just hanging around, and dang it if shipping these isn't going to be costly.

Are these patterns interesting enough where people would pay the cost of the item, just to ship it?  HELP.


  1. I say try craigslist first and if it doesn't move in the timeframe that you set break them up and put them on ebay.

  2. I know a lot of people love the Blue Heaven pattern...try it on Etsy.

  3. I have noticed a lot of buyers for plates. I would try Etsy. If they do not sell, try the others.

  4. Thanks all. I think I will take your advise. Split them up and try etsy. :)

  5. Ha ha, I bought the same Franciscan Hacienda Green at a garage sale intending to keep some pieces and flip the rest. I flipped them all right - to Goodwill. Oh, well. The baking/serving pieces I kept are being well used.

    Susan in San Antonio

  6. Split up on Etsy... LOVE vintage on etsy!!!

  7. Susan, That doesn't bode well for my Franciscan set. :) I've already started to split out the Blue Heaven set, and that will go on etsy. I'm going to push my luck with CL for the Franciscan set. Thanks everyone for your input!