Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Dining Room Post, Now with More Pictures

My post yesterday didn't give a good example of the room we are fitting the dining set into.   Below are a few shots showing the entire space.  We've got a 6 month old who just started crawling so this is about as "styled" as its going to get.

This was how the table was set up for yesterday's post.  We got it centered with the light fixture and door to the kitchen.  What's harder to tell is that it is a very cramped fit between the table and the hutch. We're talking a, suck it in to get on by, sort of squeeze.

And now a shot of the table flipped the other way, more centered with the hutch.  From this shot it still looks like the table is centered with the light, but it's not.  Something about this positioning works better, but closer up the room still feels cramped over by the hutch and very empty along the back wall area.

A closer view of the new layout.  It was suggested we move the hutch along the back wall, so I'll  give that a go in a few days.   And then create a gallery wall of art around the hutch.

This sums up by biggest hitch.  The mismatched wood tones.  You see it best in the photo above.

So now that you see the entire space, any new thoughts?  Do you prefer the table placement in photo #1 or photo #2.    It's worth noting that the current rug under the table wont be staying there.  We just needed a place to throw it down when we moved in.

Thanks! ...oh and in case you live in San Diego and very much need this table in your life, we did throw it up on Craigslist with a, make me sell, sort of price.


  1. love your space. I prefer photo 2. Too bad I don't live in San Diego as I love the table and need one. The leg broke off of ours and is doing a balancing act.

  2. Wish I was nearby and could have that stunning table, been wanting to replace mine with an MCM model. You guys have some gorgeous mod pieces in your home, love 'em!

  3. The table is gorgeous - I would agree with the hutch on the back wall, and maybe orient the table diagonally (same as the rug)? I do agree with the 2nd verions of the table, if diagonally doesn't work for you. The 1st version (let's call it horizontal), doesn't seem to fill the space enough in that dining area. Then over the buffet in the back, a huge wall of all those fabulous colorful pictures you have.

    (anonymous comment by avid reader, always willing to give her opinion)

  4. Gorgeous chairs!! We too love mid century, but sometimes making it all work in your own space is difficult. Personally I wouldn't part with the table and chairs, but that's just me. ;-) What about the hutch on the back wall? Also just for seeing how the space feels without the rug, why not pull it for a few photos and see how open it feels? The diagonal angle might be throwing it off a bit. Good Luck!!