Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Y'all!

Halloween marks the first big holiday with our guy.   Here he is, our little chicken.

We recently discovered the street behind ours closes off for a large Halloween block party.  I spoke to a neighbor today who said they are expecting 1500 people.   1500!  

I hope you're having a great halloween yourselves.  If you need me I'll be trying to figure out how to make 100 pieces of candy stretch to 1500.  This could take awhile.


  1. So cute! I could just eat him up! It makes me ponder the age old question of "WHICH CAME FIRST?" (the chicken or the egg???) Such a MYSTERY! :) I think it was the chicken sometimes, but then other times I'm so sure it was the egg. I guess we'll never know! PS I love candy!

  2. Cuteness! Happy Halloween :)